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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

How Something So Basic Can Be Fun

This review is about the Oral-B Flexisoft replacement heads. Coupled with the Braun electric toothbrushes, this is one of the most effective aids to oral hygiene ever developed. My introduction to Oral-B goes back over 27 years to a USAF basic training briefing; a dental technician held up an Oral-B toothbrush with medium bristles and said "this is the toothbrush you need if you want to keep your teeth" or some such statement like that. Well, I haven't lost one yet.

The motorized mechanicals of the toothbrush do most of the work while you guide the oscillating round head around and over your pearly whites. While the heads are undeniably pricey when looked at just in dollars and cents, there is value in the fact that the total package actually makes a rather mundane chore a little more fun while actually living up to the claim that it does a better job on your teeth than manual brushing.

Since I've always believed the entire surface area of the toothbrush head was meant to be covered with toothpaste and the size of the head on these is smaller than the average brush, I know I'm using less toothpaste to do the same job. While this is no big deal, the long term economic benefit is plaque under control, healthy gums and a bright smile full of natural teeth. It's kind of hard to deny it works since my dentist has confirmed the positive results upon direct examination.

Just be careful what model of these brush heads you are selecting and watch the pricing. Oral-B uses a kind of color code for the bristles, and the ones that have the colored indicator bristles in a line with the shaft are the Flexisoft model that seems to equate to medium hardness.

Enjoy life!

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