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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

An easy, safe, effective way to brush

Dentists all over the country are recommending the Oral-B electric toothbrush. There are several reasons. It does the work for you, vibrating thousands of times a second, massaging your gums, it lets you clean your teeth without scraping your gums with a toothbrush, which can cause them to recede and bleed, and it reaches between your teeth to catch plaque and germs. This is a wonderful toothbrush, and I recommend it. However, if you want a review of a toothbrush, you'll read the toothbrush page. This is a page for replacement heads.

There's a lot of confusion about replacement heads for Oral B electric toothbrushes on Amazon, and I just want to give you all some facts. There are only three kinds of heads for ALL Oral-B electric toothbrushes. Flexisoft EB17, Extrasoft EB17, and Ortho OD17. I prefer Flexisoft EB17, which is what this item is. (The Extrasoft is a little too soft, and the Ortho is overpriced)

The reason I mention this is that the prices are all over the board for what is the same product. For example, this listing is for four Flexisoft EB17 heads for $24.99 (The EB17-4 just means there are four of them). There are other offers through Amazon partners for this exact same item for $12.99. Make sure you find the best deal, because they're all the exact same product, listed multiple times at different prices!

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