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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Oral B Triumph 9930 with Smart Guide Super Bundle - 4 Brush Heads + Additional 3pk of Powerpolishers - Direct From Dental Office - PLUS $10 Rebate

Product Description

Brand New In Box. The NEWEST product from Oral-B. Oral-B TRIUMPH Professional Care 9930 with SmartGuide. Maximize Your Brushing Performance with SmartGuide. Wireless remote display provides while- you- brush feedback to promote optimal brushing. Features and Benefits: Pressure Sensor Alert: SmartGuide alerts you when you are brushing too hard, preventing gum recession. Brushing Guide: Display actual brushing time so you know when you've brushed the dental-recommended 2 minutes. Replace Brush Head Alert: Indicate time for you to replace your brush head for optimal performance. Customize Your Brushing Clean- Superior whole mouth cleaning Sensitive- Gentle yet thorough cleaning for sensitive teeth, also prevent gum recession. Massage- Gentle stimulation of gums. Polish for all over polishing and whitening. Package include: 1 Innovative Base Station 1 Oral-B Triumph Brush Holder with charge level display 1 Portable SmartPlug charger 1 SmartGuide Wireless Remote Display 4Brush Heads: 1 Advance Oral-B FlossAction Brush head 1 Power Tip Brush head 1 Pro White Polisher Brush head 1 Ortho Brush Head 1 Tongue Cleaner 1 Travel Case 2 Year warranty

1 comment:

  1. No more tension for teeth. Braun Oral-B Toothbrush is an excellent product to keep my teeth well. It will clear all the germs and unnecessary gums from the teeth and mouth. Surely we can rely on the product. Braun Oral-B Toothbrush has removed my tensions for my vulnerable teeth and I have got released from my toothache too. I wish the product will keep its quality as it has now. The price quality, durability or longevity, user friendliness of the product has made me and my family a regular customer of it.
    In a word, its an awesome kit for teeth. I recommend it for all the customers too.