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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Oral B Crest Triumph Smart Guide 9910/9950 Dental Professional Unit w/ $10 REBATE FORM

Product Description

New Oral-B Triumph with SmartGuide visibly guides patients to better brushing via a unique wireless display containing a pressure sensor alert and motivational timer that tracks brushing duration by quadrant.

Customer Reviews

Dental crown5
I've been using a Sonicare toothbrush for many years, but then I got to worrying about the "sonic" part of the brush affecting my hearing (just my neurosis), so I decided to switch to a non-sonic brush. This one was highly recommended and reviewed, and I can see why. It's well made, and comes with a handy screen to tell you which part of the mouth to be brushing, and when to move on to the next part to complete a 2-minute cycle, Go beyond the two minutes and you you earn a smiley face with an eye-wink! So far, so good. The brush has a workman-like feel and chunters away and does a good job. My mouth feels very clean and fresh. As with all electric brushes, you get a lot of saliva dripping down your chin but then, who's watching! I bought a 7-pack of replacements heads at Costco for about $[...], so I'm set for a while - just waiting for the display to tell me when to change the head. Also, you can switch to different brushing modes, but the "professional clean" is the one I'm using and it seems perfectly fine with me. Get one and flash a brilliant smile.

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