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Monday, June 15, 2009

Oral B EB10-2 Kid's Refill Mickey Mouse Brushheads

Product Details

* Amazon Sales Rank: #196971 in Health and Beauty
* Brand: Oral B
* Model: EB10-2 (Pack)
* Number of items: 1


* Different fun Disney characters on each brush
* Extra-soft bristles for gentle and safe brushing
* Raised center row cleans chewing surface
* Small brush head reaches back teeth better
* Blue indicator bristles signal need for replacement

Companions to the Braun kid's power toothbrush, these Mickey Mouse brush heads are fun to use and good for your child's dental health. A raised center row of blue bristles targets chewing surfaces and gives you (and your child) a visual signal when the head needs replacing. Soft and gentle on kids' teeth and gums, these brushes are fun, effective, and easy to rinse clean. Each brush head features a different Disney character. --Emily Bedard

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