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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Oral B EB10-1 Power Toothbrush Replacement Brush Head (1 Kids Refill, Disney Princesses)

Product Description

Ages 3+. Extra soft bristles are gentle on kids' teeth and gums. Raised row of blue bristles designed for cleaning chewing surfaces. Blue Indicator bristles monitor brushing performance and brushhead replacement.

Product Details

* Amazon Sales Rank: #90594 in Health and Beauty
* Brand: Oral B
* Model: EB10 - 1
* Number of items: 1
* Dimensions: 8.66" h x .85" w x 2.20" l, .10 pounds


* Replacement brush head for kids fits all Braun Oral-B electric toothbrushes
* Extra-soft bristles with longer row to clean chewing surfaces
* Indicator bristles' color fades to signal when brush head needs replacement
* Decorated with images of popular Disney princesses
* Comes with 3 removable color-coding rings

Customer Reviews

Captive Audience for High Prices3
My daughter loves the princesses and this brush has inspired better brushing ... BUT I feel gouged by the high price of refills. Also I'm finding these specific refills harder to find now that they've come out with their "new" princess brush. This is very frustrating. The new brush is much bigger -- too big for small 6-year old mouths and too large for small hands to hold. By the time she's big enough to use it, she'll be out of the princess phase. Braun should at least continue to sell the refills even as they're phasing out the old brush -- otherwise customers feel doubly cheated.

expensive for a reason4
Yes, this is expensive, relative to the other Oral B brushheads. Why? 1) You're paying for Disney's licensing fees, just like for all the other Disney products made for kids (and adults.) 2) It costs a little more to manufacture the feathered bristles they use for this brush head. If you're not familiar with what that is, look closely at the "business end" of the bristles and compare them to the adult Oral B brush heads.

It's also possible that because they sell fewer of these, they have to spread their fixed costs among fewer units sold. But that's only a guess.

Way too much money for a refill2
I agree with the other person about the cost. It's ridiculous how much the refill is. My daughter needs to use an electric toothbrush but it doesn't have to be Oral B. I'm going to be looking into another brand that will be more cost friendly in the long run.

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