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Friday, May 1, 2009

Oral B Power Tip Premium Rechargeable Power Toothbrush Brush Head Refill, 1 count

Product Description
Oral B Interspace Replacement Brush Head is designed for cleaning between teeth as well as around bridges, crowns and implants.

Customer Reviews

Ideal for braces!5
This tip is excellent for accessing the areas that are difficult to reach due to the wire in braces. The tip lasts for a reasonable amount of time and needs to be replaced due to the color being no longer visible (the time at which the manufacturer advises to replace the head). Even though the color was gone, I kept using it for a while afterward (since I could not find the tip in local retail stores) and it was fine. I eventually replaced the tip when the bristles became bent - due to my shoving it under the braces wire. In summary, I believe this to be the best option for cleaning under brace wires - after all, my hygienist told me that my teeth were exceptionally clean in a rather surprised tone.

NOTE: This tip is not for cleaning your entire mouth: It is very small, and I anticipate it will wear out rather quickly.

Power tip is great5
This brush head is great for getting close to the gums, it's also perfect for getting around crowns and braces.

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