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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Oral B Triumph FlossAction Power Toothbrush Refills (6 ct), plus 1 Interspace Power Tip Refill

Product Description
Floss Action - Micro-Pulse Bristles provides an advanced cleaning system that surrands each tooth for superior cleaning vs. Oral B Precision Clean, Oral B best selling brush head. Power Tip - designed for cleaning between teeth as well as around bridges, crowns and implants. Each brush head hygienically sealed for convenient storage. Indicator bristles will fade over time, signaling time to change brush head.

Customer Reviews

good product4
I like how this works compared to normal brushes, just wish it could clean in between the teeth more

Use if you want a clean mouth.5
Just amazing! My mouth has never felt cleaner. To top it off, my dentist commented on how amazing my teeth were after using this product for a couple of months. I am using the regular Oral B refill right now since I ran out of this one and I can feel the difference. I can't wait until I get more of the Floss Action type.

Oral B Refill4
Although there was a mix-up in orders
for this item and receiving two orders
from 2 different vendors, it worked out
well; I kept both orders.
Both were very nice vendors and I hate
causing the trouble of making a return.
Rob Russell

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