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Monday, March 9, 2009

Oral-B 9000 series 9100 9400 9450 Triumph Professional Care Power Toothbrush Dentist Recomended

Product Description
Oral-B Triumph - Professional Care 9100 Features: * Advanced Oral-B FlossAction Brushhead with MicroPulse Bristles (1). o Cleans as effectively as brushing and flossing.* o Surrounds each tooth for superior overall cleaning. o Improves gum health by healing and reversing gingivitis. * Pressure sensor (1). * Dentist-inspired Oral-B PowerPolisher Brushhead (1). o Delivers superior whitening and polishing action.** * Professional 2-minute timer. * Unique 3D Excel Action. o 40,000 pulsations/min o 8,800 oscillations/min. * 4 brushing modes: clean, soft, massage and polish. * SmartDisplay with interactive feedback: Displays actual brushing time, charge status and also indicates when it is time to replace your brushhead. * Innovative base station. * Travel case (1). * Portable SmartPlug charger(1). Sealed box include inside: * 1 ORAL-B Triumph ProfessionalCare 9100 toothbrush * 1 ORAL-B FlossAction Brushhead * 1 ORAL-B PowerPolisher Brushhead * 1 SmartPlug Charger * 1 Delux Travel Case * 1 Base Station This product is packaged for dispensing in a dental office and never sits on a retail shelf. The manufacturer does not shrink wrap it.

Customer Reviews

works great as long as you don't need toothpaste3
Once you load up the toothbrush with toothpaste and turn on the unit, you can expect a thorough cleaning action. The timer is handy in telling you when you've brushed enough. However, there is one glaring design failure that makes it so that I can't rate this very highly: you can't put toothpaste on this thing without some serious balancing.

It would seem that there is insufficient flatness on the back of the toothbrush such that the brush is a bit wobbly. Half the time the toothbrush is knocked over when putting toothpaste on, smearing toothpaste all over the counter. I'm really tired of the toothpaste in my counter grout; it should be on my teeth.

Triumph Toothbrush5
The toothbrush itself is well worth it. The deal from seller makes it even Better.

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