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Monday, February 2, 2009

Oral-B Vitality Precision Clean Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush

Product Description
Oral B Vitality Precision Clean for a healthy mouth that shows in your smile. The Precision Clean offers a deeper, more thorough clean than a manual toothbrush since it gets hard to reach areas. Helps prevent gum disease, the leading cause of tooth loss and keeps teeth naturally white. The Oral B FlexiSoft Brushhead is a compact round brushhead that surrounds each tooth while interdental tips reach deep into hard to reach areas. The high speed oscillating - rotating motion sweeps plaque away. Replace brushheads every 3 months, when bristles are worn or when color on Indictor bristles has faded half way down the bristles. Oral B, the brand more dentists use themselves worldwide.

Customer Reviews
Made me have faith in some companies again
This product has restored my faith that some companies are ethical. They know how to make excellent products at descent prices. This product has exceeded my expectations in every way possible. When I use it I actually feel like I just left the dentist office. I have noticed that my teeth are noticeably whiter and more healthy after using the product and I frequently hit the 2 minute timer because this product is addictive and fun to use. I have used Sonic tooth brushes before this and have found their electric tooth brushes to be utterly useless. I even ended up throwing away my $129 sonic tooth brush. This brush not only cleans well, it can be easily cleaned, and can be easily upgraded with different attachments. I am anxious to try the floss head soon as I hear it is also well rated and does the job it is supposed to.

I highly recommend this product. As stupid as this sounds... thanks Oral B.

Nice toothbrush
Even though he already has a more expensive Oral-B rechargeable toothbrush that he keeps in the medicine cabinet, I bought this inexpensive electric toothbrush for my husband - one that he could keep in the shower (I've always liked having the option to brush my teeth while taking a shower).

I asked him how he likes this new toothbrush and he says it is really great. In fact, he says he somewhat prefers it to his other rechargeable toothbrush because this one has a really comfortable brushing speed and is easy to hold onto.

Thus, it is a nice inexpensive rechargeable toothbrush and at this time he would recommend it. However, we haven't had it long enough to determine how well the battery lasts. The other Oral-B that he he's had for years (probably 7-10 years) is still amazingly working well with the original battery; yet that toothbrush was probably over $50 at the time.

Great product
Great for the price and they do a good job they charge well and they hold their charge a long time. IF you want a good electric tooth brush this one is great.

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