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Monday, February 2, 2009

Oral-B Vitality Dual Clean Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush

Product Description
For a healthy mouth that shows in your smile - Clinically proven to provide significantly better cleaning than a manual toothbrush, yet gentle on gums. Advanced Cleaning Technology: * Oral-B DualAction Brushhead*: unique polishing cup helps hold toothpaste or natural whitening and polishing action should be both heads move for twice the cleaning action. * High speed oscillating/ rotating motion combined with an additional side-to-side motion. * Sustained Rechargeable cleaning power: Lasts 5 days between charges when brushing two times a day for two minutes each. No replacement of batteries needed. * 2-year warranty *DualAction Brush Head is the only brush head that can be used on this model.

Customer Reviews
Almost but no cigar
it appears this brush is another one even Oral B cannot explain why the charge does not hold as long it claims one does But on the upside.keep using and charging it it may eventually perform as expected.same holds true of their Precision.would suggest not buying the replacement heads first as was done until you find something the DOES work as expected.

You'll never use a manual toothbrush again.
My dentist recommended the Oral B Vitality and I purchased one in June '08 and have been using it ever since. To be honest I purchased this particular one because it was green (they have a blue version also). This is an inexpensive electic toothbrush that does the job. According to the directions, if it is charged it the first time for ~16 hours it stays charged for 5 days of uses for 2/day at 2 minutes/use (the brush has a built in timer and pulses at 2 min.). I charge mine every few days by leaving it in the charger overnight, but you can leave it in the charger constantly as long as you let the battery run down once every 6 months (extends rechargeable battery life).

The dual clean comes with the larger, "dual clean" brush heads, but the brush is compatible with most of the Oral B brush heads (including the smaller single brush head ones). I used both the dual and the singles and both worked fine, but switching from one to the other takes a couple of days to get used to as you get used to the size difference.

My then 1 year old Lab seemed very interested in the toothbrush while I was brushing... so I swapped out the brush head (the brush head is the only part one's mouth touches) and tried it on his teeth and he was very agreeable to it... so now that he has his own and I brush his 1-2X/wk I'm hoping it will delay a costly dental visit for him. I have heard they can be several hundred $$.

I bought one for my sister this past Christmas (along with extra replacement brush heads) as she was shopping for one and she likes it also... makes a good gift.

I was back at the dentist in Dec. '08 for a check-up and while my teeth are usually pretty clean anyway they were even cleaner... he practically had nothing to do... so I think that speaks for itself.

Perfect Christmas gift in spite of the cord!
I know that it's considered un-cool to give your wife a gift that has a power cord. But my wife loves this electric toothbrush.(I feel the same about the one Santa brought me.) They work much better than a manual one (of course) and give that squeaky-clean feeling of just leaving the dentist's office. The two minute timer helps to remind to brush thoroughly. I also bought the 3-pack of head refills. Excellent price on all three items and free shipping!

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