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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Oral-B Triumph with SmartGuide, 4 brush heads,$10 Rebate, Free Shipping within the US

Product Description
Brand New In Box. The NEWEST product from Oral-B. Oral-B TRIUMPH Professional Care 9910 with SmartGuide Retail Value $149.99 Maximize Your Brushing Performance with SmartGuide. Wireless remote display provides while- you- brush feedback to promote optimal brushing. Features and Benefits: Pressure Sensor Alert: SmartGuide alerts you when you are brushing too hard, preventing gum recession. Brushing Guide: Display actual brushing time so you know when youve brush the dental-recommended 2 minutes. Replace Brush Head Alert: Indicate time for you to replace your brush head for optimal performance. Customize Your Brushing Clean- Superior whole mouth cleaning Sensitive- Gentle yet thorough cleaning for sensitive teeth, also prevent gum recession. Massage- Gentle stimulation of gums. Polish All over polishing and whitening Package include: 1 Innovative Base Station 1 Oral-B Triumph Brush Holder with charge level display 1 Portable SmartPlug charger 1 SmartGuide Wireless Remote Display 4Brush Heads: 1 Advance Oral-B FlossAction Brush head 1 Power Tip Brush head 1 Pro White Polisher Brush head 1 Tongue Cleaner 1 Travel Case 2 Year warranty Manufacturer's coupons from Crest and Oral-B products while supplies last

Customer Reviews

Braun Oral-B Triumph5
This is an excellent product for improving and maintaining superior dental health for young and old alike. I have used Oral-B rechargeable toothbrushs for over twenty years and my dentist continues to acclaim that he wishes every patient that he had would utilize the electric tooth brush as I do! There is virtually very little or no plaque at all and gums are 10 out of 10 with respect to good oral health. Before I started using the Braun, there was a lot more cleaning and scrapping at each scheduled dental visit together with some gum sensitivities with minor bleeding. I feel that my detail to dental health has been made possible with the aid of the Braun electric toothbrush. This new model with all the features is an excellent product.

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