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Monday, February 2, 2009

Oral-B Triumph Professional Care 9400 Power Toothbrush

Product Description
Take better care of your teeth with this technologically advanced professional care toothbrush. Unique "Smart Technology" feedback and several brushing modes provide optimal brushing performance and customized oral care. Convenient charging and refill storage improves portability when traveling and provides a sleek modern look. Quad pacer technology times the total recommended brushing time of two minutes. Battery charge level indicator. Twelve language choices. Limited two-year manufacturer's warranty.

Customer Reviews
Great buy
This toothbrush really cleans your teeth. The regular setting is a bit too intense, so I use the "gentle" setting (there's also a "polish" setting, but I don't really see how it makes your teeth shinier). It also comes with an awesome carrying case for traveling.

Dentist clean
The other reviews don't lie, this is a great product and I think it works so well. Even the features are nice and feel pretty useful.

Too much power!
I mostly like this model, I've used an older model for years, but it wasn't holding a charge anymore and that's why I needed a new one. This one has too much power. I have to put it on gentle mode or it feels like it's going to knock my teeth out! Other than that, I do like it. I like the 30 sec warning for brushing each quadrant of you teeth. It makes the two minutes seem to go by much faster. With my old brush, it only warned at the two minute mark and it seemed like "forever" so I rarely brushed that long. I also like the feature of different brushes you can use. Currently I'm using the flosser & the polisher. I'm thinking if I get the regular brush (w/out all the fancy stuff on it) I might be able to use it at full power, as that brush is softer on your teeth.
I would recommend this to anyone & everyone. My teeth are actually appearing whiter (w/out using whiteners).

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