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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Oral-B Triumph Electric Toothbrush with Smart Guide

Product Description
The Braun Professional Care 9900 Smart Guide is the efficient result of cooperative Oral-B Smart Technology, in which the brush head, handle and visual display work together to provide instant, interactive feedback to help you brush your best every day. The Flossaction Brushhead with oscillating-rotating technology provides ultimate plaque removal, healing and reversing gingivitis for healthy teeth and gums. The wireless SmartGuide display tracks brushing time so you get better cover all areas of the mouth and remove plaque effectively. A visual pressure sensor alert on the wireless display signals you when you brush too hard and the pulsations slow down, stopping if the appropriate amount of pressure is not being applied. It even tracks usage and alerts you when it is time to change the brush head. Features four customized modes - clean, massage, soft and polishing brushing modes. Kit contains Smartguide Interactive Wireless Display (wall mountable, Flossaction brushhead, ProBright brushhead, luxury travel case, Smart Plug travel charger and deluxe base station with refill storage.

Customer Reviews

So Far, So Wonderful!5
I got this after reading the reviews here on Amazon and, despite the people with battery issues, went for it. We got some extra heads so my hubby & I can both use it. I love this thing! It reaches easily all the way to the backs of the back teeth, has already helped with tartar stains and overall dental health. We leave the handle in the charger on the sink and drop the heads in the holder on the charger. It's very easy to clean - just pop the head off, run it under water and tap it once or twice. Dry the handle and put it away. No weird little crevices or tricky bits. And trust me, those two minutes fly by! Just get it. It's worth it!

a good clean!I 5
I like this. Used to have SoniCare and this one is better. My dentist things so also. My teeth are looking and feeling better. This makes sure I brush for at least 2 minutes, so the timer is helpful. Toothbrush holds a charge for weeks.

Overall, a great product.

Switched from Sonicare5
Per the recommendation of my brother-in-law, who is also my dentist, I made the switch from Sonicare to Braun Oral-B. I love this toothbrush. The Smart Guide is helpful. You may track your brushing time and speed without having to pause to look at the handle. I like that Oral-B's brush heads are compatible with all of the toothbrushes. If they introduce a new type of replacment head, you don't have to have the latest model toothbrush in order to try it out.
Amazon offered the best price (through JR Computer World). Shipping was reasonably quick.

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