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Monday, February 2, 2009

Oral B Triumph 9950 with Smart Guide with 4 Brush Heads

Product Description
Brand New In Box. The NEWEST product from Oral-B. Oral-B TRIUMPH Professional Care 9950 with SmartGuide. Maximize Your Brushing Performance with SmartGuide. Wireless remote display provides while- you- brush feedback to promote optimal brushing. Features and Benefits: Pressure Sensor Alert: SmartGuide alerts you when you are brushing too hard, preventing gum recession. Brushing Guide: Display actual brushing time so you know when you've brushed the dental-recommended 2 minutes. Replace Brush Head Alert: Indicate time for you to replace your brush head for optimal performance. Customize Your Brushing Clean- Superior whole mouth cleaning Sensitive- Gentle yet thorough cleaning for sensitive teeth, also prevent gum recession. Massage- Gentle stimulation of gums. Polish for all over polishing and whitening. Package include: 1 Innovative Base Station 1 Oral-B Triumph Brush Holder with charge level display 1 Portable SmartPlug charger 1 SmartGuide Wireless Remote Display 4Brush Heads: 1 Advance Oral-B FlossAction Brush head 1 Power Tip Brush head 1 Pro White Polisher Brush head 1 Tongue Cleaner 1 Travel Case 2 Year warranty

Customer Reviews
I absolutely love this toothbrush. You feel like you just stepped out of the dentist's chair everytime you use it. I am addicted to reaching the smiley face which is a good thing because I am doing the full 2 minute brushing. I highly recommend.

Best Power Toothbrush Ever; Hands Down!
Oral B has been a leader in personal care products for quite some time. They consistently make high quality products that are built for high performance and to last for many years. The Oral B Triumph series power toothbrushes are some of the finest on the market, and the Triumph 9950 is surely the best there is today.

I purchased this kit from Amazon, which comes with three additional FlossAction heads, which makes it a real bargain for the money. I received my order within just a few days and was delighted with how well it was packaged. Setup was a snap, taking just 10 minutes or so to set everything up, and the brush was fully charged and ready to use in just a couple of hours. I was excited about the wireless Smart Guide display, which seemed to be a great idea at the time. The instruction manual gives an easy to understand set of instructions, with plenty of illustrations. I mounted the Smart Guide display on the wall, just to the left side of our mirrored medicine cabinet (in the master bathroom), using the included double-sided adhesive pads. You have to wait several hours before actually inserting the display module into the newly mounted holder, so that the tape has a chance to fully adhere to the mounting surface.

Using this power toothbrush is a delight. Brushing my teeth no longer seems like an unpleasant chore. The 9950 is powerful, and the battery charge lasts for several days before the unit needs to return to the charging base for a refill. The FlossAction brush heads are firm yet gentle, providing a soothing feel on your teeth and gums. The brush does not hold much toothpaste, but you will find that you really don't need as much as with a normal toothbrush. If you are used to running your toothbrush under water before brushing, you will probably NOT want to do that with this power brush. If you do you will likely find that you end up with a sloppy liquid mess, dripping from your mouth and down the shaft of the brush head and onto the motor unit. You apply the paste (or gel) to the dry brush head, press against your teeth, and close your mouth most of the way. If you don't you may find toothpaste spattering off from the fast moving brush head. You are supposed to move the brush slowly and gently across your teeth, spending roughly 15 seconds on each zone (upper right, lower right, lower left, upper left). The compact brush head makes it very easy to scrub the inside portion of your teeth, removing tough stains. I drink a great deal of coffee and tea, and I am finding that the Oral B Triumph 9950 has removed nearly all of the stains within just a few weeks. AWESOME!

I have only a couple of minor quibbles with this model. First, although the Smart Guide wireless display seems like a neat idea, I find it to be silly and useless. Its purpose is to inform you which zone you are supposed to be brushing, displays a countdown timer so you know how much longer you need to brush (2 minutes total brushing is recommended), provides a graphic alert if you are brushing too hard, shows what kind of brushing mode you are in (clean, sensitive, polish, and massage), and even lets you know when it is time to change your brush head. At two minutes the Triumph 9950 brush motor will create a pulshing brush action for a few seconds, to let you know that you have brushed for the recommended amount of time. The Smart Guide display then presents you with a big smiley face, as a reward for your proper brushing habbits. If you continue to brush the counter will begin showing the accumulated time (counting up if you set it to do so), and at 2 minutes and 30 seconds the smiley face will change to a broader smile. If you brush even longer eventually the smiley face wil close one eye to give you a wink. WOW...isn't that friendly! The first couple of times I used the Triumph 9950 I was intrigued with the Smart Guide display and watched it with amuzement. I have since stopped looking at the display at all, as it is just silly and repetitive. I do like the fact that it will alert me as to when to change the brush head, but the onboard LCD display on the brush motor could have been designed to show this information as well, which would eliminate the need for the Smart Guide remote display altogether. This is just my opinion though. I'm sure some people will enjoy the wireless display a great deal. I think younger teens and adults may find the display a nice feature, but I just find it a useless addition which just elevates the price of an otherwise great power toothbrush. I also don't think that the 2 minute brushing recomendation is long enough. I brush for at least 3 minutes, and that pulsing action at the 2 minute mark just tends to annoy me. The Smart Guide display shows that you are supposed to change quadrants, in your mouth, every 30 seconds, which just doesn't seem long enough. I barely get the front of the teeth, in each given quadrant, cleaned in that timeframe. I end up spending about 20 seconds on the front and another 20 to 30 on the backside of the teeth. This is why my brush time far exceeds the 2 minute recommended timeframe.

Overall this is a truly wonderful product. The entire kit has a look and feel of high quality. The charge stand has a snap-on brush holder, which holds 4 brush heads and has a hinged, clear lid. You sit the 9950 motor into the charging base, which uses an inductive technology to charge the batteries of the handheld motor unit. This prevents the need for metal electrical contacts, which means that even if the motor is wet you will not have to worry about the threat of an electrical shock. As mentioned before, brushing with the Oral B Triumph 9950 is a real delight. Using it is virtually effortless, and it does an excellent job of cleaning your teeth and even removing stubborn stains. The replacement FlossAction brush heads aren't cheap, but they aren't that bad. Aagain, some of this inflated cost is due to the wireless chip installed into each head, which is what transmits a signal to the Smart Guide display, so you know if you are brushing too hard and when you need to replace the brush head. If Braun were to remove this wireless chip, I would expect that the cost of the replacement heads would be at least a few bucks cheaper. A 3 pack of these heads can be had for about $20. That's not too bad, but again it increases the cost of your brushing hygiene. Oral B has definately creatd a power toothbrush that is as close to perfection as you can buy on the market today. I highly recommend the Triumph 9950 to everyone, and I have encouraged all of my friends and family to get one for themself. It also makes a great (although somewhat costly) gift! =o)

Awesome toothbrush BEST EVER by Oral B/Braun
Love it. Wonderfully helpful to gums and for individual dental issues. Lots of toothbrush options for polishing teeth, special dental needs, etc.

Excellent design and many helpful clues to brushing better.

I like the "FlossAction" brush the best while my wife likes the polishing (whitening) brush the best!

I received my order within 48 hours of ordering from Amazon.com from Renton, WA to my front door in VT.

Truly, this is an excellent product, my purchasing process was quick and accurate, AND - there is a 30-day trial period so you could return this item if you did not like it (as if THAT would ever happen - this is the best toothbrush ever)!

If I could, I'd give this toothbrush 6 stars out of 6!! Honestly.

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