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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Oral B Triumph 9950 with Smart Guide - 4 Brush Heads - Dental Office Exclusive Model + Additional 3pk of FlossAction

Product Description
Introducing The Next Generation of Oral Health Oral-B's most advanced rechargeable toothbrush, Triumph with SmartGuide enables better brushing for better oral health. Clinically proven to give extraordinary cleaning and improved brushing habits for healthy teeth and gums, Triumph with SmartGuide's 3D Excel Action has 40,000 in-and-out pulsations per minute that gently loosen plaque, and 8,800 side-to-side oscillations that sweep it away. Its innovative remote wireless display is specifically designed to give you the knowledge and guidance to brush thoroughly, gently, and for the dental recommended two minutes. This wireless monitor features the first visual pressure sensor alert to help reduce hard brushing and prevent gum recession--a precursor to tooth loss.

Customer Reviews

Good with one problem4
Pretty good product. My only complaint is that I constantly have to reset the clock because it runs fast, usually 5 minutes/week.

I love this thing5
This is an awesome toothbrush. I can tell my teeth are getting whiter and my gums are getting healthier. I really like the display unit as it is great to have a clock in the bathroom and a timer while I brush, and the fact that it is an all in one unit makes it even better.

I have found that 2 minutes is actually two short to brush all of my teeth the way that I want to. With a regular brush, or a cheap power brush I only brushed about a minute or so because of the technique I was using. With this I am brushing for about 3 minutes on average. This is because I spend more time on each tooth. I can do this because the brush is doing the work, not my back and forth motion. All of this is leading to the whiter teeth and healthier gums.

The included polishing head is great and I use that with Crest Vivid White toothpaste. The tongue freshener is also a great addition, as well as the fourth head that comes with this kit. With the additional 3 pack of Flossaction tips included, I found this to be a good value.

The bottom line is you can't go wrong with this product if you want a healthy mouth.

Good toothbrush - don't need the smart guide4
I bought this on recommendation from my dentist to stop brushing so hard, and so far the brush does help from a. brushing too hard and b. brushing for too little. The 30 second vibrations that the brush does make the smart guide pretty useless. Since I travel a lot, I turned off the radio signal that talks to the smart guide after the first week, and never turned it back on.

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