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Friday, February 27, 2009

Oral B Triumph 9950 NIB - 9900 series - w/$10 Rebate

Product Description
$10 REBATE Offer available for 9930 / 9950 units until 6/2009: http://www.oral-b.com/powerrebate This is NOT the 9910 trial units where it comes with only 1 brush head... WE SELL AT OUR DENTAL OFFICE FOR $150 SPECIAL PRICING FOR LIMITED TIME ONLY Smart Technology...Brilliant Results. Oral-B Triumph ProfessionalCare 9900 Series has 40,000 in-and-out pulsations per minute that gently loosen plaque, and 8,800 back and forth oscillations that sweep plaque away. Maximize Your Brushing Performance with SmartGuide: Wireless remote display provides while-you-brush feedback to promote optimal brushing. Pressure sensor alert - SmartGuide alerts you when you are brushing too hard, to promote healthy gums. Brushing guide - Displays actual brushing time so you know when you've brushed the dental-recommended 2 minutes. Advanced Cleaning and Polishing Technology...for Cleaner, Whiter Teeth: Oral-B FlossAction brush head (1) with MicroPulse bristles - Surrounds each tooth for a thorough clean. Improves gum health by helping prevent and reverse gingivitis. Dentist-inspired Oral-B ProWhite brush head (1) - Delivers superior whitening and polishing action in 21 days.* Model Features: 4 Brushing Modes: Clean, Sensitive, Massage and Polish. Charge Level Display. Innovative Base Station (1). Portable SmartPlug Charger (1). Brush head storage (holds 4 brush heads). Brush heads included depend 9930 or 9950 unit Guarantee: Limited, 2 year. Compare Retail Prices: http://www.oralb.com/us/products/power/triumphsmartguide

Customer Reviews

Gift for GF and she loves it5
I bought this for the girlfriend for her birthday... no it was not a hint to her :)

I use the Oral-b Sonic and decided to try this for her since it had more interchangeable heads. She is a big oral hygiene nut and that is a plus. After two days she loved it and still loves it after about a month. Her only issue is that she feels inclined to brush four times twice a day since there are four types of tips that came with the brush.

Oral B Triumphs over the Competitetion5
This is the best in technology for toothbrushes. Very innovative and lots of accessories in this package. The latest and greatest of all Oral B products.

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