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Monday, February 2, 2009

Oral B ProfessionalCare 8900 DLX OxyJet Oral Care Center

Product Description
Oral B ProfessionalCare 8900 DLX is a complete oral care system inspired by dental professionals for superior cleaning, whitening, gum care and freshening of your whole mouth. The only power toothbrush system with 3D cleaning action - 40,000 in and out pulsations which gently loosen plaque while 8,800 side to side oscillations sweep plaque away. This patented 3D technology delivers ultimate performance and is gental on teeth and gums. The OxyJet Irrigator uses innovative micro-bubble technology to attack plaque bacteria. This system mixes air and water in the form of micro bubbles. You can select between rotating stream for general cleaning and gum massage or a straight mono-stream for site specific cleaning. The Oral B PressionalCare 8500 Power Toothbrush offers a variable range of speeds to best meet your individual needs. High speed is ideal for tooth and gumline cleaning. For cleaning sensitive teeth and gum tissue as well as precision use of the accessories, we recommend using a lower speed.

Customer Reviews
Oral B Pro Electric Toothbrush
Oral-B Triumph Professional Care 9400 Power Toothbrush
The product (above) arrived as scheduled in good condition.
It performs as well as it is advertised.
So far, I have not have had any problems with the electric tootbrush and the "Water-Pik" portion of the unit.
I would recommend the product to others, if asked.
Don Bailey

Good power. Great job cleaning. Easy to use. Easy to store. Excellent product, good price.

Excellent piece of equipment
This is the second one of these I have purchased. I wore the first one out. The toothbrush is the same one that can be purchased separately and is very efficient, thorough and easy to use. The irrigator is what makes this unique. Unlike other irrigators that deliver a concentrated stream which can be painful to the gums, the flow from this is diffused but still quite effective at dislodging food left in the gum pockets. I was warned by my dentist over 15 years ago that I could have problems with deepening gum pockets but I have been able to maintain the depths with even some improvement with this equipment (and floss).

Hope this doesn't come under the "too much information" category !

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