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Monday, February 23, 2009

Oral B ProfessionalCare 8875 DLX, two power toothbrush handles.

Product Description
Ultimate Plaque Removal: Clinically proven to remove up to 97% of plaque from hard-to-reach areas, remove two times more plaque than a manual toothbrush, and remove up to 80% more plaque than Sonicare Elite. Superior Whitening and Polishing: Clinically proven to naturally whiten teeth in twenty-one days, remove even tough stains and polish teeth, and remove more stains than Sonicare Elite. Firmer and Healthier Gums: Clinically proven to improve gum health by healing and reversing gingivitis. Patented 3D Excel Technology: Delivers ultimate performance and is gentle on teeth and gums. The only toothbrush system with unique 3D Excel cleaning action: 40,000 in-and-out pulsations gently loosen plaque, 8,800 side-to-side oscillations sweep plaque away. Customized Speed Control: Offers a range of speeds to best meet individual needs. 2-Minute Timer: Signals after two minutes to ensure professionally recommended brushing time. Pressure Sensor: Helps promote gentle brushing. Pulsations stop when you press too hard. Compact Round Brushhead: Inspired by dental professionals. Surrounds each tooth and cleans completely. Unique 3-Bristle System: Long-lasting FlexiSoft Bristles bend for gently brushing, longer interdental tips to clean deep, and indicator bristles signal when to replace. Professional Timer: 30-Second interval time helps you brush each area of your mouth. Brushhead Storage: Hygienic storage of brushheads. Full Charge Indicator: Indicated when fully charged. Rechargeable: Long-lasting charge: Lasts up to two weeks, brushing two times a day for two minutes. No replacement of batteries is needed.

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