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Monday, February 2, 2009

Oral-B Professional Care 8950 Rechargeable 3D Action

The new Oral-B Professional Care 8950 is the oral care system inspired by dental professionals for ultimate cleaning, superior whitening & polishing and healthy teeth and gums. It is the only toothbrush system with unique 3D Excel technology: 40,000 in-and-out pulsations per minute gently loosen plaque, and 8,800 back and forth oscillations sweep plaque away to help keep your mouth at its healthiest. 1. Unique 3D Excel Brushing Action: With 40,000 pulsations to loosen plaque and 8,800 oscillations to sweep plaque away, it removes twice as much plaque as a manual toothbrush. 2. Compact round brush head inspired by dental professionals to surround each tooth for a thorough clean. 3. Rechargeable: lasts up to two weeks, brushing 2 times a day for two minutes. 4. Full Charge Indicator. 5. 3 Speed Control. 6. 2 Minute Timer: Ensures professionally recommended brushing time. 7. Professional Timer: 30 second timer helps you brush each area of your mouth. 8. Pressure Sensor: Pulsations stop when you brush too hard. 9. Brush head storage for hygiene What's inside the box: * Oral-B® ProfessionalCare 8950 * 2 Handles * 4 brush heads (2 Precision Clean, 2 FlossAction) plus 1 Tongue Freshener * Brush head Storage for 4 brush heads * Travel Case 10. Change indicator indicates when to change brush.

Customer Reviews
Oral B 8950
I regret paying 1-3 day shipping as it took nearly two weeks to arrive. The brush is wonderful. Brand new as published. Works incredibly well!

Wonderful Toothbrush
This is the first electric toothbrush my husband and I have used. We both love it. Your teeth feel extra clean right away. The small head lets you reach your back teeth easily. I'm happy there isn't an actual "beep" after each quadrant, just a pause. The fact that the toothbrush stays on after 2 minutes is very nice! My lower gums are more sensitive than my upper gums, and I can change the setting to sensitive to brush my lower teeth after I used the regular setting on my top teeth. After I charge our handles, I don't charge them again for a week and a half (I haven't pushed my battery to it's limit yet). I hide the small base under the sink. I don't have any complaints about the toothbrush and would recommend using it to anyone.

Great for Couples
This is a great value for couples since it comes with one charger/brush head holder and 2 toothbrushes. The holder stores all 4 brush heads that come with the package (2 standard and 2 polishing). However there is no room for the tongue cleaner that comes in the package as well. The single charger mounted on the wall beside our cabinet with the supplied hardware.

The brushes themselves work as good as advertised. We have used the $7 electrics up until now and would never go back.

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