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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Braun Triumph Pro Care 9400 Orab-B Plaque Remover Toothbrush D25526

Product Description
Oral-B Triumph features an advanced FlossAction brushhead with patented MicroPulse bristles to gently remove plaque between teeth and deliver a superior clean in hard-to-reach places. It cansignificantly reduce the incidence of gingivitis and erases 60 percent more stains with its PowerPolisher than the leading competitor. The FlossAction brushhead features innovative MicroPulse bristles that pivot independently to go deep between teeth, and its textured cleaning pads sweep away plaque leaving hard-to-reach places exceptionally clean. In addition to the breakthrough FlossAction brushhead, Oral-B Triumph's dentist-inspired PowerPolisher brushhead leverages Oral-B's superior rotating-oscillating head technology to provide superior polishing and whitening. Oral-B Triumph's Smart Technology recognizes each user's brushhead as unique, allowing it to track usage and alert the user when it's time to change specific brushheads to ensure optimal cleaning for the entire family. During use, the brushhead also notifies the user every 30 seconds to brush another mouth quadrant, as well as when the recommended two minutes of total brushing time have passed.

Customer Reviews

We have always liked Braun products, so when our old Braun electric toothbrush no longer worked, we ordered this model. It is absolutely fabulous! The cleaning technology is far superior to the old one and our teeth just feel and look so much cleaner. Highly recommend this model.

BraunTriumph Pro Care 9400 Oral-B - D255261
This toothbrsh fell way below my expectations; primarily because it came with no added brushes; required what seemed to be a simple assembly but proved difficult. Instructions were very poor. I got a wonderful Oral-B, with three additinal brushes, from COSTCO for $[...] less than this cost. I returned the item to One Stop Shop which shipped the product. To date, this return has not bween reflected on my American WExpress account.

This toothbrush is amazing! Your teeth are left squeaky clean each time! Before I knew it, I was trying to jam the thing into every crevice of my mouth, just to ensure a thorough cleaning. It takes a while to get used to the intense vibrating, but it's definitely worth it!

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