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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Braun Oral-B 8950 DLX Professional Care Toothbrush Dual Handle

Product Description
The new Oral-B Professional Care 8950 is the oral care system inspired by dental professionals for ultimate cleaning, superior whitening & polishing and healthy teeth and gums. It is the only toothbrush system with unique 3D Excel technology: 40,000 in-and-out pulsations per minute gently loosen plaque, and 8,800 back and forth oscillations sweep plaque away to help keep your mouth at its healthiest. Includes Oral-B® ProfessionalCare 8950, 2 Handles, 4 brush heads (2 Precision Clean, 2 FlossAction) plus 1 Tongue Freshener, Brush head Storage for 4 brush heads, Travel Case.

Customer Reviews

Love It!5
Hey I've had this for about two months now and am just as happy with it as when it first came in the mail. These toothbrushes are amazing! I had a dilemma on my hands because my dentist recommended the Sonic Care line and my dental hygienist recommended the oral b line. So, 6 years ago I went with my dentist's choice of Sonic Care and wasn't very happy with it (they make this really high pitched whining sound, are very heavy and don't hold a charge for that long). When it finally kicked the bucket 2 months ago I bought this one because I wanted to try the Oral B, did a lot of research and this particular one seemed like the best bang for your buck (two different toothbrushes AND multiple toothbrush heads!! My boyfriend and I split it because we live together, which made this product much more cost efficient). As a warning! It only comes with one charger for the two toothbrushes, which isn't a really big deal because they stay charged for a long time, but if you plan to travel for longer than that minor waring may ensue (PS the traveling case that comes with it is AWESOME, great idea Oral B, my Sonic Care was always too clunky to travel). All in all, amazing toothbrush, though to be fair to my dental hygienist who recommended Oral B (and who I saw recently) I must say that our recent conversation went something like this:
Me: I finally got an oral b toothbrush! Her: Oh yea? which one? Me: the Professional Care 8950 Her: Ah, that's a good one, but the one I had told you about was the Oral B Sonic Complete Me: Damn. Oh well, this one is great!
All in all I personally recommend it, my dental hygienist recommends the Oral B Sonic Complete
Oral B S-320 Sonic Complete Rechargeable Power Toothbrush

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